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Help Insure Your Team

LG Planning Group’s  self-funded employee benefits programs enable you to reduce cost, improve coverage, lower healthcare expenditures, and mitigate risk. Coupled with enhanced support, care management, strategic pharmacy benefit management, and additional proprietary methodologies you can take back control. Have the ball—and the rewards—back in your court!

Moving to a self-funded employee benefits program shifts financial control from the carrier to the employer. In fully insured plans, you pay the premium and the carrier is responsible for covering the cost incurred by your employees. They also keep any surplus. In self-funded insurance, all surplus and savings are kept by the employer. With traditional self-funded plans, this opportunity for savings and surplus comes with an increase in financial risk. At LG Planning Group, our self-funded plans are built to mitigate that risk while maximizing your savings. And as is true with all LG plans, we ensure that your employees are receiving the highest-level care available. 

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When building your customized plan, we look to:

  • Position you with a broad network matches the needs of your employee population.
  • Use data and analytics to identify the highest performing medical professionals in your network, in your area, and incentivize your employee to use them resulting in a lower out-of-pocket spend. 
  • Only utilize TPAs with a proven record of responsiveness and enhanced client experience.
  • Provide cost management for both high volume/low severity & low volume/high severity medical situations
  • Provide multiple levels of user support and advocacy.

Our strategies are a little bit different

Our self-funded plans differ from traditional plan structures, resulting in increased savings, risk mitigation, and customization.

Traditional Self-Funded Plans

For teams that need traditional support.

  • 100% experience rated
  • No Stop Loss Pooling
  • Limited Cost Containment
  • Limited population health management
  • Limited control, accountability, and flexibility
  • No contract validation
LG Planning Self-Funded Plans

For teams that need additional support.

  • 100% blended rate
  • Stop Loss pooling of claims
  • Tailored Costs Containment
  • Multi-tier health management strategy
  • Full control, accountability, and flexibility
  • Aggressive contract validation

And while traditional plans just have low volume/high severity cost management our plans cover all the bases providing cost management for both high volume/low severity and low volume/high severity medical situations. 

And we are minimizing disruption as much as possible

Although it is quite often in your best interest to change carriers when moving to a self-funded strategy or improving the strategy you are currently utilizing, we try to minimize disruption as much as possible. Because we can write business with virtually every carrier nationwide, we can analyze the market and find the one that is right for you and will not disrupt coverage. Our plans also allow you to keep all your primary care providers including Pediatricians, PCPs, Family Practitioners, OB/GYNs, Internal Medicine doctors, urgent care clinics and emergency room providers. It also allows you to continue to utilize any provider with whom you are currently in treatment. And when you need to see a specialist, we do the heavy lifting to find you a “best in area” physician in your network with availability. It’s as simple as that.  

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