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Why “Just To Be Safe” Is Actually More Dangerous

What the Data Says About the Harm of Unnecessary Medical Tests
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How to Solve the Engagement Problem

When we talk to benefit managers across the country, one of their most common complaints is poor employee engagement with their health benefit programs. There have been a wide variety of approaches to engagement with the most popular over the past decade being the “consumer-driven health plan” or CDHP. The idea of the CDHP is to increase deductibles so that employees have more “skin in the game” and then to add transparency tools to enable employees to “shop” for lower cost care as they would other goods and services. Unfortunately, these programs have failed to deliver: employees rarely use transparency tools and even when they do the impact on cost and health outcomes is minimal.
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The Importance of Doctor Performance

How New Data is Helping Us Understand the Importance of Doctor Performance
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A rise in D&O Insurance, why the need for this often, overlooked coverage?

on Jun 1, 2021 11:36:17 AM By | Louis Blangiardo | 0 Comments | D&O insurance directors and officers liability insurance
It is no longer only public companies who have the need for D&O coverage anymore. With the cost and frequency of litigations rising, and the uncertainty of the world, private companies are also facing increased litigation as a result of the actions taken by management. While some claims may be frivolous, the cost to the business to defend both the company and the management team can be exorbitant. While businesses begin to open their offices and employees begin to physically return to work, management is facing tough decisions on how to “get back to normal” while keeping both employees and customers safe. Diving a little deeper into this coverage helps us understand how D&O insurance can help protect a business and management.
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How to Use an HSA With a High Deductible Plan

on Nov 20, 2020 2:13:22 PM By | Gary Levine | 0 Comments | Health Savings Accounts HSAs High Deductible Plan
In this post, we talk about a few unknown or underutilized gems when using a healthcare savings account (HSA) with a high deductible health plan. This unique combo is often the go-to plan for employers because of the cost — it typically has a lower premium. However, teaming an HSA with a high deductible plan can work as an effective one-two punch, benefiting employers and employees alike. 
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2021 Inflation Adjusted Amounts for HSAs

on Jun 11, 2020 1:12:05 PM By | Gary Levine | 1 Comment | Health Savings Accounts HSAs
The IRS released the inflation adjustments for health savings accounts (HSAs) and their accompanying high deductible health
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