Group Benefits

After exploring your needs and goals we can implement benefit solutions specifically tailored to the demographic makeup, growth strategy and corporate environment of your business.


From telemedicine, to healthcare, to voluntary benefits we ensure your employees have what they need to thrive and to grow.

Custom Tailored Benefit Solutions
Building a benefit solution can be an integral step in setting your business apart helping you acquire and retain high-level talent in an extremely competitive landscape. At LG Planning Group we work with you every step of the way to build a benefit solution that matches your business and your goals.

Benefit Compliance
Ensuring compliance within key areas such as the Affordable Care Act, Notices, ERISA, and the Department of Labor is a must for your business. We can help ensure you are compliant by providing access to our legislative awareness team.

Voluntary Benefits
These plans can be Employer or Employee paid and when structured properly can be tax deductible to the employer and done on a pre-tax basis for employees through payroll deductions. These products—such as life, disability, dental, vision, critical-illness and accident insurance, as well as pet coverage, ID theft protection, legal services, employee assistance programs and financial counseling can make all the difference in ensuring employee satisfaction.

Funding Strategies
There are many options when deciding how to fund your benefit plan ranging from traditionional funding to self funded including HRAs and HSAs. LG Planning Group can help you decide on, structure and design the level of employee contribution for the plan that works best for you and your organization.

Pre-Tax Benefits
A Pre-tax benefit strategy allows your employees to use pre-tax dollars for certain eligible expenses, ultimately reducing their tax liability. We can help you design and implement a pre-tax strategy that meets the needs of your organization.

Integrated Technologies
Put simply, we believe in technology. But, we don’t believe in technology just for the sake of using technology. Integrating the right technology to manage your benefit solutions can minimize a significant amount of extra work and can help streamline your organization. We can help you choose, implement, integrate and train on the technology that best suits your business.

PEO Solutions
PEO solutions are a good way to wrap everything into one plan and have someone else handle its daily management. There are definite pros and cons to partnering with a PEO and we can help you understand them, help you decide if a PEO is right for you, streamline the PEO application process and help you choose a PEO that matches the goals of your organization and your employees


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